RC TURTLE LLC is known to be the world’s largest online retailer of  PRO AV, electronic products, especially Display and Camera accessories. It is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform which is serving as B2B and B2C. It is one of the largest resellers for projectors parts such as power board, replacement lamps, ballast, and appliance part, etc.

We, the team of RC TURTLE LLC, are having an innovative approach to solve customer problems and fulfill their demands. We are having one of the most responsive infrastructures for our customer support. We believe in empowering our employees so you will always get extra support from our side. Our team will, all the time, move a step ahead to solve your problems.

While talking about the price range, we are pleased to let you know that you will get the most affordable product range at our site. As we are resellers, we do have the same product set from a number of manufacturers and distributors. You can select items from any listed brand which fall in different price categories. You will never feel a burden on your pocket.

Since 2011, RC TURTLE LLC is leading the market place due to its highest level of quality standards. Quality is always our major concern. With the passage of time, our standards of quality measurement are rising gradually. We take our customer’s feedback in a very positive manner and improve our products according to their needs and recommendations. Just because we value our customers, our graph of success is having a deep slope.

We believe in developing long term relationships with our suppliers and distributors. We build a strategic alliance and partnership with almost all of the industry leaders. Due to our associations, we keep on having a growing exposure out of our industry. Our vendors provide us their products as well as the secondary parts so that we can deliver them to our customers.

Finally, I would like to say that our delivery process is quite reliable. We provide products to your doorstep within the listed numbers of days (varies from product to product). We also propose some special or urgent delivery offers.